Hi there, I'm Amber.

stylist. patriot. and lover of creation.


I was introduced to the world of vacation rentals in 2017. When my husband and I purchased a home with the intentions of making it a short term rental, something that was monumentally important to me was the first moment a guest walked in was for the guest to have an amazing feeling right away.

and how much you want to create a space that your guests not only love, but that serves them and is a direct reflection of you!

I understand how important your Rental is to you

We purchased our next property with the same intentions of turning it into another short term rental, but this time it would be from the ground up, all new construction. Shortly after that, my mom and aunt bought the home next door and I quickly turned it into a wonderful little getaway, again, totally catering to the future guests it will host. 

After that, I fell in love with the process of getting a home to BE GUEST READY. I love anticipating what guests may want, need, and love to have for their stays. I want guests to feel taken care of, thought of, and excited about their stay. 

For my clients, I want them to be worry free! The process is customizable and flexible: whatever level you want to be involved is the where we'll link together. I find join in knowing that every home is different and I approach them with the guests experience 
being paramount. I work from inspiration, experience, and always shooting for the stars, 5 of them. 

I am based in Los Angeles. Let's make your rental remarkable! 

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